5:30pm – 6:30pm | £12

This class explores (my take on) standing work and posture(s), dynamic alignment, and the key role of the feet in organising the rest of the body both statically and dynamically.  We’ll look at how to relate structured exercise to movement(s) in a way that is functional to everyday living as well as athletic performance, within a Somatic approach. This class is suitable for those that have previously worked with me as well as those with an established movement practice.


5:30pm – 7pm | £15

Learn a Thai Yoga Massage inspired self-treatment routine. We use hands but also feet, knees and elbows to help release tension from the legs (and feet), abdominal and facial muscles. This class is great to release both muscular and emotional tension and to achieve some much needed deep relaxation. 
UPDATE: THIS CLASS IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED and available on demand. Email me for further info.


2:30pm – 3:30pm | £12

This class has a restorative focus and is ideal for those that are dealing with injuries and chronic pain but also those that enjoy a gentler, breath centred practice. We explore the subtle movements of the spine, how to move from the centre and how to use breath to support movement. This is also a great class for beginners.


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