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Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss anything before committing to an appointment. I totally understand the need to check out potential practitioners from my own experience.

Emails will normally be replied within 2 working days.

Depending on the nature of your query you might prefer to call/txt me. You can do so on 07908470211.

I’m happy to answer general questions as well as anything to help you find out whether working with me might be beneficial for you.

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Beginner or experienced mover, professional or amateur sport-person, fully able or disabled body. I love working with a variety of clients…

What all of my clients have in common is the determination to improve their situation and commitment to the work!

Cost will vary depending on locations and times you choose to take your class.

I offer Off-Peak and Peak times. Contact me here for further details.

This is a very important point: it is essential, especially at the very beginning, to set up a regular pattern. 1 or 2 sessions per week for the first month are highly recommended.

This will kick start your body and mind to learn fast and well. Later sessions can be less frequent. We will all the time work together to find out what frequency format works best for you.

Warning: this stuff can become addictive!!!

This really depends on your goals and where you are at in you body and life. People embody new skills at different speed and through different processes.

What you really need to ask yourself is “How much of your time are you ready to commit to your practise”? As long as there is consistency, there is progress.

If you are unsure whether you want to commit, then don’t waste your time. Give it a try, then make a choice and follow it through.
I can help you find out what you want to get.

Sometimes we just feel we desperately need change, as we are not happy with the way things are. This is a valuable starting point. Equally it’s important to set clear goals, knowing that they might change over time, and that it is perfectly natural too. However knowing your target will help us work out the best way to get to it, and will be useful for you to keep track of your own progress.

What does fitness means to you exactly? I don’t really care about fulfilling the need for a stereotyped “fit-body”: I’m sorry, I don’t do fitness. I coach movement and I can tailor my classes to precisely suit very different needs and levels.

The truth is if you feel good inside your body and mind, you will also look great!!! I can help you find out exactly what you need.

Sometimes seeing results will take very little time, few weeks. Other times it will take longer, much longer!!!

This is when you need to stick around and keep turning up for your self: trusting yourself and the work you are taking on is key to success.

 I make sure to offer a premium service. I am able to do that because I really care about what I do and take all opportunities to improve my own knowledge and experience.

If your budget is restricted then my suggestion is to work on very clear, simple goals for a period of time that fits in with your financial situation. You can always come back for more when you are ready.

However form time to time I do special offers, to make sure you can take advantage of these sign up to my Mailing List and you’ll be the first one to know!

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient holistic form of full body massage, which helps rebalance both the energetic and physical levels of the body, freeing up the body’s healing potential.

TYM treats a variety of ailments such as musculo-skeletal pains and aches, headache, premenstrual tension and others. It is especially effective for numbness or loss of feeling in conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, or after a stroke. It’s a wonderful treatment to receive before and after pregnancy.

The therapist uses hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure and facilitate gentle, passive yoga-based stretches. It works on both soft tissues and joints.

Thai Yoga Massage is performed whilst the client is fully clothed, making it a very versatile, easy to perform form of massage.

If you want to find more about TYM go to my blog session.

I qualified as a comprehensive Pilates Instructor (Mat and Apparatus) at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire (London) in 2008, under the umbrella of Pilates Foundation UK. I specialised in dance related injuries and rehab training. I started my own Pilates practice in 2003 due to a very debilitating knee injury.

I trained as a Thai Yoga Masseur in 2011 with Kira Balaskas at the London School of Thai Yoga Massage.

I studied Fascial Anatomy for Movement with Gary Carter at Kings Cross Studios (London) in 2012.

I’m a self taught Yoga practitioner, having practiced different styles of yoga (mainly Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow) since 2000.

I take my Continuing Professional Development very seriously: don’t worry, I won’t bore you with a very long list of shorter courses! Mostly I like to take excursions into neighbouring fields such as Physiotherapy and different Massage Techniques, as well as furthering my studies in the field of Fascia.

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